I’ll be home for Christmas: Clare Bowditch

Singer/actor Clare Bowditch at Crossley Strret for Spectrum. 17 April 2014.
The Age Spectrum. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

Singer/actor Clare Bowditch at Crossley Strret for Spectrum. 17 April 2014. The Age Spectrum. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

It’s been a busy year for the award-winning musician, social-enterprise founder, radio host and mum of three. High time, really, to sing and be merry over a prawn cocktail and a mince pie or two.


How will you spend Christmas?

Same same, but delightfully so. My big sister Lisa will be putting on the Ritz for 20 of us over at her place (in Melbourne’s west). Gosh, does she spoil us.


What’s on the menu?

We’re talking prawn and lettuce cocktail, followed by a full ham, turkey and roast vegies spread, and then mum’s Dutch Christmas pud with custard for dessert. Then, that sugar-high unconscious eating that happens when you’ve just drunk a few too many reds and you just eat mince tarts because they’re there, alone, and you don’t want them to be lonely. How good does that sound? You guys should come!


The funniest present you’ve received?

My brother James’ plastic fish tie from 1984 has never been surpassed for its Monty Python-esque absurdity. What’s an eight-year-old girl gonna do with a plastic fish tie? Just love it, that’s all.


The most memorable Christmas of your childhood?

I am eight. All I wanted was a Cabbage Patch doll. Just one. Present after present is unwrapped around me, and as they grow thin on the ground, I realise, no Cabbage Patch Doll for little Clarey. I decide to be very brave like Charlie in the

Chocolate Factory saga, where he doesn’t get the gold ticket that first time around. I bite my lip, thank my brother James for the fish tie, and excuse myself so I can weep quietly in the bathroom.

As I stand up to leave, my dear Papa Bear says, “Hello!? What’s this mysterious box hidden right behind the tree?” It had my name on it.

I blink a lot as I open the mysterious box and there she is, Veronica Claudette, my first Cabbage Patch Doll! She is still my favourite, to this day. My heart gets hot when I think of all of that.


All I want for Christmas is …

More of the same. Bring it on! What an absolutely fabulous year of good health, new radio and almost finishing an album it has been. Next year, dear God, help me finally release this album (No.8).


Clare Bowditch presents Afternoons
1-3pm, Monday-Thursday
774 ABC Melbourne



Forgive me for asking this, it's possibly vain of me, but, I was just wondering: if I do ever finish this "self-melp" book (memoir, with a dash of self help), will any of you, um, read it?

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