Sample Italian regional cooking at Richmond’s La Cucina di Sandra

The promise

La Cucina di Sandra promises “an Italian cooking and eating experience like no other”. The Italian expat opens up her beautiful Richmond home to teach guests the delights of regional Italian culture and food.

The reality

It’s Tuesday and my colleague and I arrive at 6pm famished and ready for an after-work vino. We’re welcomed in and make our way upstairs to the kitchen and dining room; it feels like a little slice of Sicily in the middle of suburban Melbourne. Sandra and her partner are consummate hosts; moreish parmesan biscuits are passed around and pinot grigio is poured. Today’s class, “Come si cucina il pesce”, is seafood-themed and eight of us perch on stools at the kitchen bench watching Sandra guide us through tonight’s dishes.

The pay-off

From entree to dessert, this Italian feast was a meal to remember. It was fascinating to hear about the local traditions and specialties of Sandra’s hometown, Abruzzo, as well as other regional dishes. You’ll also come away with some insider knowledge on where to shop for bargains and where to find the the best, freshest Mediterranean produce in Melbourne.

The pain factor

None. You don’t have to get your hands dirty in this class – just relax and take it all in while Sandra does the hard work.

Who should do it?

Anyone with a passion for Italy, good food, wine and company. “Bespoke classes” and special group classes can also be arranged.

The bill?

$90 per person.

Would I do it again?

I only wish Sandra was my nonna so I could enjoy her cooking every day. ●

La Cucina di Sandra

62 Lyndhurst Street, Richmond.

9421 1883



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