23 Aussie foodies you need to follow on Instagram

Australia is full of amazing Instagrammers keen to keep you up to date with foodie trends. Photo: Kylie THomson.

Australia is full of amazing Instagrammers keen to keep you up to date with foodie trends. Photo: Kylie THomson.

Australia, we need to talk. We have a problem, and it’s awesome. We’re obsessed with food, and we don’t mean we like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We’re talking brunch, dessert, brinner (breakfast for dinner), cronuts (half-croissant, half-doughnut), monster shakes (pretty self-explanatory) and more.


But how do you keep up with the latest trends? Who’s eating what and where?

Well, apart from keeping a close eye on The Weekly Review (naturally), there’s a wealth of uber-talented Aussies out there who are kind enough to put all the latest and greatest in one spot – Instagram.

Check out our list of some of our favourite Aussie foodies on Instagram (in no particular order). Warning, you’ll be inspired, you’ll be envious, and most of all, you’ll be hungry.

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1. @AliceinFrames

Ok, a bit of favouritism right off the bat. Alice is our food editor, not to mention a former MasterChef contestant, current author and TV host. Follow her for food-spiration (it’s a thing), and endless puns.

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2. @Ieatmelbourne

Tasting this city! Once you see their feed (lol, feed), you’ll see @ieatmelbourne’s motto rings true. (BTW, what is going on with the Bloody Mary below?)

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3. @annapolyviou

Masterchef fans will recognise Anna from this year’s episodes. She challenged contestants to create Anna’s Mess (see below). We haven’t been this gobsmacked by a sweet treat since the croquembouche.

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4. @thehamburgler_

We recently caught up with Michael – the man behind @thehamburgler_. He gave us a few tips on where to find Melbourne’s best burgers. He has a burger named after him at Dandenong Pavilion, so we think he is pretty qualified.

@barlucasydney though.. Peanut butter and jelly with crispy bacon and wagyu, how ya gaaarn ???? #tbt #dontellmyrabbi

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5. @theplateproject

Life’s too short to eat boring, and once you see @ThePlateProject’s account, which features some of  the best use of emoji anywhere on Insta, you will be a believer.

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6. @SydneyFoodCrew

They got 99 problems but brunch ain’t one. Christine, George and Chris have got Sydney food down to a fine art.

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7. @MelbournePopUps

@MelbournePopUps isn’t limited to food, with fashion and events making appearances. See what’s “popular, poppin’ and popping up” in Melbourne.

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8. @cookrepublic

Sydney food photographer @cookrepublic has a sharpness to her food photography that will make you want to reach through the screen. Don’t though, you’ll wreck your phone.

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9. @ForkSake

Food, food and more food! Fork Sake doesn’t muck around.

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10. @hellobrisbanenoms

The insta-handle pretty much says it all. Meanwhile, we can’t stop staring at this whisky pic.

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11. @FoodieMelbourne

A “Melbourne food enthusiast”, @foodieMelbourne has her finger on the pulse when it comes to Melbourne’s dining scene.

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12. @katherine_sabbath

Home baker and cake creative from Sydney, Katherine posts mostly cakes and sweets – umm, is there anything else really? We can’t even deal with this cake, which apparently she just whipped up for dessert at a friend’s house. Amazing.

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13. @sara.oteri

Sara’s bio says you may remember her from such shows as MasterChef and The Erotic Adventures of Hercules. We’re pretty sure only one of those is correct. We’ll let you figure it out. Sara posts a mixture of food, fashion and about town shots.

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14. @sydneyfoodlover

Previously a Sydney-centric feed, @SydneyFoodLover has now moved to Melbourne! The insta-handle remains, as do the envy-inducing food shots.

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15. @foodramblings

For all the latest food hotspots in Brisbane and surrounds.

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16. @twogirlsonefork

Just two girls who love their food (and drink). Capturing some epic creations in Sydney, these girls know how to ‘gram.

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17. @perthfoodies

Food adventures on the western front. Those cupcakes though!

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18. @ausmican_eats

With the dubious bio of “Behind every good man is a great meal”, Brisbane’s @Ausmican_eats has a distinctive style, with posts featuring handy little arrows, pointing out the dish elements.

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19. @Spoonful_of_sarah

A lawyer turned “funtrepreneur”, Sarah is also the “cooler half” of @Matcha_Maiden and co-owner of the recently opened Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda. She posts a mixture of food, fitness and travel pics! They can’t all post doughnuts, you know!

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20. @4foodssake

Coming straight outta Sydney, three Italian food lovers bring you everything your foodie heart desires.

It's a love hate relationship! Our FFS detox starts on Monday so we're reminiscing on happier days……happier burger days!! @blburgers #blburgers #barluca #burgers #sydney

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21. @breakfastinmelbourne

A whole account dedicated to breakfast? It’s the most important meal of the day after all. @BreakfastinMelbourne is your one-stop shop for everything brekkie related.

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22. @onthechoppingboard 

Foodies snaps from Radelaide, @onthechoppingboard is for people who “love food and travel”.

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23. @TheWorldLovesMelbourne

It’s all in the name here! And it’s one we can get behind. They love Melbourne and so does the world!

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