Adventure and fun: top water parks

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Nothing captures the Australian summer quite like careening down a waterslide at speed while screaming at the top of your lungs …. Well, other than sunburn, thongs and a trip to the beach.

Waterslides are just one of the many main attractions at some of Australia’s best Waterparks.

So we’ve asked around and have found five of the best which can offer a (screamingly) good time for the whole family while the weather is warm.


1. Funfields, Whittlesea, Victoria

As the jingle goes, there’s ‘outdoor fun for everyone at Funfields.’

Plus there’s Victoria’s first ever virtual reality ride at the park also known as ‘Dragons Fury’ which offers trolls, knights and pirate ships in 3D as you swing through the air.

You’ll also have the world’s largest ‘Typhoon’ which any thrill seeker will love.

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2. Adventure Park, Geelong, Victoria

Adventure Park in Wallington, Geelong offers waterpark lovers a great adventure (and a huge amount of water-based rides).

Older kids will love the ‘Aqua Racer’ and ‘Gold Rush Rapids’ and there’s also the slower paced activities for the young ones.

Best of all, parents can hire a cabana for the day and relax (with a bar fridge and sun lounge included).

Who's the fastest member of the family? Only one place to find out. Settle old scores, secure bragging rights, work out who's buying ice cream later – all is answered on the slide…

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3. Adventure World, Bibra Lake, Western Australia

With the longest steepest and tallest tunnel ride on the planet – why wouldn’t you want to take a visit to Adventure World? The ride, also known as ‘The Kraken,’ has more than 150 metres of twists and turns – a heart-pounding drop – and a 60-foot (18.2m) funnel – which is about the height of a six-storey building.

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4. Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sydney, NSW

Part theme park, part adventure water world, Wet ‘n’ Wild has something for both the young and the young-at-heart.

Along with it’s amazing array of rides, Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney also offers visitors (and locals) surf lessons in the theme park’s wave pool – which also features white sandy beaches.

Want to learn to surf like this little champion? Join us on the crystal blue wave pool! ??#wetnwildsydneysurfschool #wetnwildsydney #waves #surf #fun #kids #seesydney #summer #summerfun #wavepool #sun #surfing @land_locked_surfing

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5. BLAST Aqua Park, Coolum, Queensland

It’s the world’s largest aqua park – and it’s on the beautiful Sunshine Coast – so what more could you need? BLAST Aqua Park has a vast number of inflatable water toys for the family to enjoying including slides, jumping pillows, trampolines, swings, challenge tracks, balance beams and wobble pads.

Luckily, BLAST Aqua Park also has chill out areas so you can relax after a day of clambering around.

This is happening.

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