The best mac & cheese recipe ever

The best mac & cheese ever. Photo: Supplied

The best mac & cheese ever. Photo: Supplied

Morgan McGlone of Belle’s Hot Chicken shares his special mac & cheese recipe.

Mac + Cheese for  2 -4 persons

This is my Mac and Cheese recipe which I learnt whilst working for Sean Brock at Husk Charleston. It’s a real Southern style Mac and Cheese which I like to incorporate 3 types of cheese. Smoked, Sharp and Processed.


  • 250g Large Macaroni elbows (Cooked to packet instructions)
  • 25g Smoked cheddar
  • 25g Gouda
  • 2 slices American Cheese
  • 100g Bechemel
  • 50 ml Milk
  • 50 ml Cream
  • Salt and White pepper to taste
  • Chopped parsley or Smoked Paprika (optional)


Heat milk , cream and becemel in a heavy based pot.
Once simmering , turn to a low heat and add cheese and macaroni.
Season and ganrish with either chopped parsley or smoked paprika.

Base Bechemel

Makes 1 Ltr


  • 50g Plain flour
  • 50g butter
  • 0.5 Ltrs Milk
  • 0.25 Ltr Cream
  • Salt to taste

Melt butter in a heavy based pot.
Once melted whisk in flour till smooth.
Keep cooking mix till golden.
Add the rest of the ingredients in.
Whisk till smooth.
Turn down heat and contiunaly wisk untill thick.

Discover a little more about Morgan McGlone of Belle’s Hot Chicken

ab5i8636_nikkito-Morgan McGlone

Most Aussies know Morgan McGlone for his larger-than-life personality and thank him for bringing us Belle’s Hot Chicken (Fitzroy, Windsor, Richmond and Sydney). Before all that, he was head chef at Husk in South Carolina and even managed top models. He’s a Kiwi, but like all the good ones, let’s just call him home grown.

I love…

Condiments \ I love mustard pickle for its versatility. It’s especially great with cold cuts and bread or for something a little fancy, on a cracker with smoked eel.

Interesting breakfasts \ There’s so much more to Melbourne than smashed avocado. Chotto in Collingwood is the best go-to brunch spot for me. The Japanese flavours are spot on and who doesn’t love rice in the morning?

Wine of the moment \ Easy. Anything from Overnoy, Jura, France.

Chef crush \ Matty Matheson (Vice Network star and chef of Parts and Labour in Toronto, Canada) straight up, he is my spirit animal.

Old favourites \ It has got to be France-Soir on Toorak Road. It’s been open over twenty years and it’s still crushing the game.

New food discovery \ I recently had Ethiopian food on Smith Street (Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant & Craft) and it was incredible.

After midnight feed \ Woo-Chon Korean restaurant in the city. Better yet, it’s open 24 hours.


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