5 top apps to make anyone an expert foodie

Gourmet vegan rocky road from FoodByUs. Photo: Supplied

Gourmet vegan rocky road from FoodByUs. Photo: Supplied

Food, glorious food. It seems that the world is obsessed with achieving the perfect plate – and with more than 230 million posts for #Food and more than 130 million for #FoodPorn on Instagram at the time of writing this article (which will no doubt have increased by the time you read this), our obsession with fabulous food shows no signs of abating.

But what if you don’t know your sauté from your sous vide, or your julienne from your diced vegetables? If you’re the type of person who pores over Instagram and Pinterest, lusting after those perfect food snaps and longing to be a true foodie, here are five platforms to help you on your way.

For a show-stopping dinner party: FoodByUs

If your cooking skills have stopped you from throwing the dinner party you’ve always dreamed of, FoodByUs offers the perfect solution.

FoodByUs is a food-sharing website that connects hungry locals with talented home cooks – and the best part is, you won’t find any items on a restaurant menu, or from your local supermarket.

Serve the sumptuous food provided by your local FoodByUs makers, and your dinner guests can remain deliciously oblivious to who really cooked it!

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For the perfect #foodgram: Foodie – Delicious Camera

With more than 30 filters and a smart guide to help you take the perfect shot of your breakfast, lunch or dinner, this foodie photo app will make your smashed avocado look so good your friends and followers are sure to start salivating at the mere sight of it. An essential companion for the modern, sociable foodie.


For the risk-averse home cook: HelloFresh

If you long to cook your own Insta-worthy dinner, but always seem to end up with a brown mound of food on your plate, HelloFresh is the perfect companion to explore cooking new recipes and broaden your foodie horizon.

HelloFresh will send you seasonal, fresh ingredients in exactly the right portions with easy-to-follow recipes, enabling you to cook delicious meals at home.

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For a ‘foodgasmic’ dinner date: OpenTable

You’re all dressed up and set to meet your exciting new date for dinner, but how do you choose a restaurant that’s sure to impress them?

OpenTable’s easy-to-use app lets you browse, find and book your reservation instantly at a wide range of restaurants. All you need to do is turn up and chow down!

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For your favourite food fix: Deliveroo

When only your favourite restaurant meal will make the cut, but you don’t have the time or energy to pop out, Deliveroo offers the perfect solution.

Within minutes, their fast, friendly delivery guys can pick up and deliver your favourite dish directly to your door – and you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas!

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