Melbourne vs Sydney coffee prices. Who pays the most?

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Eye-popping median house prices just released show Melbourne at a record $843,674 and Sydney at a staggering $1,151,565.

However, the figure that really gets people fired up is the cost of coffee! So how does Melbourne compare with Sydney when it comes to a good old cuppa?

According to the latest data from online coffee and food ordering app Skip, Sydneysiders are paying nine per cent less for a large coffee and seven percent less for a medium size, compared to their Melbournian counterparts.



Skip crunched the numbers from more than 150,000 coffee orders across Victoria and New South Wales and found that keeping up the caffeine habit is not only more expensive in Melbourne, tastes and coffee craving days differ greatly with cappuccinos being the beverage of choice in Sydney compared to a strong latte for Melbournians.



If you want to get your coffee geek on, check out these fascinating statistic about coffee consumption across all states, now vs. a year ago:

Cost of coffee:

  • On average, the cheapest coffee across states is NSW @ $4.13 for large and $3.91 for medium
  • Average cost of coffee has reduced in both NSW and QLD vs. the same period the year before:
    • Medium: $3.91 vs $3.83
    • Large: $4.13 vs. $4.18
  • Whereas in VIC, the average cost of a medium and large coffee has risen:
    • Medium: $4.19 vs. $4.12
    • Large: $4.50 vs. $4.41

Popular coffee:

  • Most popular coffees by state:
    • 3 out of 7 states prefer the classic Australian Flat White as most popular coffee (ACT, QLD, WA)
    • Sydneysiders and South Australians are cappuccino lovers
    • VIC and TAS love a latte
  • Interesting trends by state:
    • VIC – Magic
    • NSW – Piccolo
    • In general: ‘designer’ coffee choices have declined since 15/16 e.g. WA featured batch brew and QLD liked a Cold Press, both of which no longer feature in their list

Most popular day to order coffee:

  • Sydney sees higher orders on a Thursday, vs. Melbourne which sees highest number of orders occur on a Wednesday

Size of coffee:

  • NSW = most likely to order a small coffee vs. VIC (39% vs. 36%)

Milk preference:

  • Skim still most popular across every single state
    • NSW – 52% opt for skim
    • VIC – 51% opt for skim
  • Soy = still most popular dairy free alternative

Strength of coffee:

  • Both NSW and VIC = most likely to ask for their coffees strong overall, VIC = most likely to ask for their coffee weak, out of the two
  • Tasmanians are most likely to have their coffee strong (nearly half – 47%)
  • SA and ACT are most likely to ask for their coffees regular strength, with the remaining states asking for theirs strong

Time of purchase:

  • Both Sydney and Melbourne prefer a coffee fix at 8am
  • Compared to: Canberrans who may be earlier risers or more desperate for their first coffee hit of the day! This state sees the highest number of respondents buying their morning coffee at 5am compared to the rest of the states. West Australians and Queenslanders follow, buying their first coffee at 7am compared to Sydneysiders, Melbournians, and Tasmanians and who see their coffee-buying surges at 8am
  • We are not drinking coffee as much on the weekends – do we just need it to fuel our work week?

Nation of sweet-tooths:

  • Across all states, there’s been a significant rise in Australians adding one sugar to their beverages now compared to December


About Skip

Skip is an online ordering and payment app for smartphones that helps customers ‘skip the queue’ by ordering and prepaying for coffee and food at hundreds of venues nationally. Visit



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