Five of the best reusable coffee cups

Melburnians love coffee. We pride ourselves on having the best brews in the world. We have come up with seemingly infinite ways to have it, from deconstructed to a plain old flat white. We’re on a first-name basis with our barista – hell, we’re Facebook friends with them.

We also use way, way too many disposable coffee cups. If you watched the ABC’s War on Waste a few weeks back, you’ll know that those seemingly biodegradable, recyclable cups are anything but. It’s because they have a layer of plastic film on the inside, preventing leaks, but also making them near impossible to recycle.

Australians throw away more than a billion coffee cups per year, and most wind up in landfill. This is a big problem.

The solution? Get yourself a super-stylish, environmentally friendly, re-usable cup, and find a cafe that will give you a discount to use it. Here are some of our favourites:


1. KeepCup 

The original reusable coffee cup is the brainchild of Melburnian and former cafe owner Abigail Forsyth, who saw the need for reusable cups that would fit under an espresso machine. She launched KeepCup in 2009, and now has stockists all over the world. We love their Cafe Series – with glass cups, recycled cork bands and monochrome lids, they’re bound to be a great accessory to your winter getup.


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2. Joco

These super-sleek vessels are made from non-porous borosilicate glass and are designed to be lightweight and durable. The team at the Torquay-based company came up with the “nose dome” silicon lid, which means you won’t smoosh your schnozz while sipping your single origin. Joco’s plastic-free cups also come in some super-fun colours, including Ruby Wine, Mood Indigo and Vintage Blue.


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3. Frank Green 

Designed to keep your coffee warm, contained and tasting as it should, Frank Green’s SmartCups have a double-walled thermo plastic outer layer, a very clever push button lid and a stain- and odour-resistant inner. What’s more, these guys have water bottles (yep, another big problem solved).


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4. Megan Hess

Lovers of fashion illustration and effortless style, this one’s for you. Megan Hess’ range of ceramic cups come complete with some of the artist’s most loved Monday Coffee Girl sketches. Choose from Strong Ristretto in Balenciaga, Uptown Latte in Dior and a host of others, and enjoy your morning brew in style.


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5. Earth Bottles 

Two words: stainless steel. The only cup on our list made from the super-heat-conducting, super-durable material is by Byron Bay local Danni Carr, and features a classic faux-wood design. The Earth Bottle Coffee Nut cup comes with a silicone lid and you can also personalise your cup with your name or initials.


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