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Suit up

10:40:AM 18/10/2012
Dhav Naidu

Men will not flinch in spending top dollar on the latest home-entertainment system, a new car or even the latest whiz-bang technology, but, for the majority of blokes, digging up the cash to buy a suit is not only painful, it is also so down the priority list. They would rather look drab and dress in polyester than swagger in a well-made suit. My dad, who to this day is a beacon of effortless, sartorial elegance, told me that if you have only one suit, it should be a darn good one, fitted to perfection. There is a lot to consider when buying a suit - fit, fabric, style, occasion and budget. We throw around words such as bespoke and luxury as though there aren't any other words in the English dictionary to describe well-made premium suits. The words have lost their meaning as every Tom, Dick and Harry able to cobble together a suit labels it luxury and bespoke. The true definition of these words is clothes that need no introduction: the exquisite cloth and seamless detailing used at Gucci; the time-honoured craftsmanship and quality employed at the legendary men's institution Ermenegildo Zegna; the up-to-the-minute styling at ck Calvin Klein; and, at last I am bursting with Australian pride, something to call our very own - P. Johnson Tailors, a true gentlemen's tailor in the tradition of the coveted legends of Savile Row. Patrick of P. Johnson trained for many years under a master on Savile Row and uses his skill to create garments that are distinctively suited to our climate. Some will cast me off as snobbish but men's style is not about peacocking or straining for attention. As the 18th-century naturalist Comte Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon observed: "The style is the man himself." Style should not be studied or copied - it needs to be an extension of your personality. A suit fitted right and worn well speaks volumes. In these pages we get a glimpse of suits that have luxury pretty well sewn up for the season. So this spring, make a bold decision and invest in a well-fitted suit that is a definite cut above the rest.

Sam Blanchard wears Ermenegildo Zegna mohair jacket, cashmere/wool-blend turtleneck and wool tweed trousers, Bvlgari Gerald Genta watch. Matt Maud wears P. Johnson suit, shirt and pocket square and Kiton tie. Sam wears Gucci jacket with leather arm, black knit and pant, Kiton scarf Matt wears Gucci suit, shirt, tie and mini briefcase, Kiton pocket square
Sam wears P. Johnson suit, shirt, tie and pocket square. Matt wears P. Johnson Summer worsted chalk-stripe suit, shirt, tie and pocket square, Bvlgari BVLGARI watch.

Our cover Matt wears ck Calvin Klein Raffia Twill woven pant, Raffia Twill jacket and fine stretch poplin shirt, J. Crew linen tie, Versace scarf. Sam wears ck Calvin Klein Body Wool stretch tuxedo jacket and Body Wool stretch woven pant, Graphic Stripe shirt, J. Crew linen tie, Emilio Pucci scarf.

Stockist Bvlgari 9663 8100 CK Calvin Klein 9600 4888 Emilio Pucci Ermenegildo Zegna 1300 493 462 Gucci 1300 442 878 J. Crew Kiton P. Johnson Versace

Credits Creative direction Dhav Naidu Models Sam Blanchard & Matt Maud (London Management) Hair James Furness for Kevin Murphy, Grooming Keira Hocking Photography assistant Rohan Young

Special thanks Hokuto Takase (0402 796 838) for the exquisite flowers

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