The AFL Grand Final entertainment has been announced for the 2015 decider, and as usual it’s sparked plenty of debate. In keeping with the ‘hit and miss’ style of recent years it’s a mixed bag of artists for punters to enjoy in the build up to the action, with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, American crooner Chris Isaak and British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding to warm up fans of the competing sides. Let’s take a closer look at the artists.


Bryan Adams

He bought his first real six string more than 40 years ago, but Bryan Adams is still making music today (apparently), with the 80s star flying to Australia especially to perform on our biggest sporting day. The man who brought us such hits as Run to You, Please Forgive Me and the global No.1 smash (Everything I do) I do it for you, will have those old enough to remember the 80s in full voice.

Chris Isaak

Perhaps more suited to a dimly lit bar than the middle of the MCG, Chris Isaak will take a break from his X-Factor commitments to get the ladies in the crowd swooning. While you’re waiting for a Wicked Game be sure to check in with the Mr Isaak and his soaring falsetto, to not do so would be a Bad, Bad Thing.

Ellie Goulding

And finally it’s one for the younger members of the crowd, with the British songstress bringing her indie/pop stylings to our sporting cathedral. With a debut titled Bright Lights, Goulding seems made for the big stage, and her appearance on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack could come in handy if the game becomes a bit of a whipping.

Just be thankful it’s not…

Regardless of your opinion of this year’s line-up, I think we can all be thankful this guy won’t be there. I’m actually a big fan of the Loaf, but this wasn’t his finest moment. The guy’s almost as old as Dustin Fletcher, and, like Fletch, it’s probably time to hang up the boots.