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She has one of the world’s most recognisable faces, gracing campaigns for brands from Chanel and Miu Miu to Victoria’s Secret via the famous Pirelli calendar – and a personal fortune estimated at $6 million by Forbes magazine. She’s engaged to a billionaire – Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel – and owns her own successful skincare brand. But 12 years after her burgeoning modelling career swept her to the US to live, Miranda Kerr remains a down-to-earth Aussie girl at heart.

“Los Angeles is home but I love coming back when I can to Australia,” she says. “I still feel very connected to it. It’s where my family is, it’ll always be my spiritual home.”

Her latest venture is very much a return to her roots. This season, almost 15 years after she first appeared in a Bonds campaign at age 18, Miranda is donning one-pieces and bikinis in Bonds’ new Swim collection. It’s a part of her past she’s cheerfully nostalgic about.

“I grew up wearing Bonds from as long as I can remember,” she says. “I wore Chesty Bonds T-shirts, tank tops and underwear as a kid. When they asked me to be part of the campaign I said ‘Of course’. The brand is relatable and I feel they capture the Australian spirit.”


These days the 33-year-old former face of David Jones admits her sartorial preferences run to a girly style.

“I used to be a jeans and T-shirt girl but I lean more towards feminine these days,” she says.

“I am a very tactile and aesthetically driven dresser. I like different fabrics and the way they fit on my body and I hate clothes that creep as you stand or walk. They have to hang a certain way. I love a high-waist jean but I lean towards dresses and skirts.”

Born in Sydney, Miranda grew up in Gunnedah, NSW. She describes herself as being a bit of a tomboy as a kid, riding horses and playing outdoors with her younger brother Matthew. She also developed an early interest in healthy living and nutrition.

“My grandparents had a vegetable patch and my grandpa used to explain the importance of good soil and growing your own food.”

That interest stayed with her, even after she was discovered at 13 in a Dolly magazine contest. She juggled modelling for local surf labels such as Billabong, Tigerlily and Roxy with studying nutrition and health psychology at the Academy of Natural Living near Cairns, before moving to the US to pursue her career in 2004.

“I ended up studying nutrition in Australia and in America, and I really do feel that when I am eating something I think of the impact it has on my energy levels,” she says. “I don’t understand why people count calories – it’s more important that you’re healthy and exercising.”


Miranda’s interest in health and well-being also spurred her to create her own organic skincare range. Today her KORA Organics products, which are manufactured in Melbourne, are highly lucrative and sold around the world.

Recent reports speculated Miranda might be planning to move back to Australia, following a nasty incident at her Malibu home during which an intruder was shot.

But for now she remains in LA, where she can co-parent her six-year-old son Flynn with his father, actor Orlando Bloom (the couple divorced in 2013 after three years of marriage).

Her Los Angeles address also means Miranda can be close to her husband-to-be. She won’t name the date, but Miranda will marry Evan Spiegel this year. She met the Snapchat billionaire at a Louis Vuitton dinner in Los Angeles, and a friendship soon blossomed into something more.

“I adore him because he’s old-fashioned,” she says, smiling. “He’s passionate about what he does and I can relate to that. We have a mutual respect for one another.”



If it seems that Miranda has a lot going on in her life, she attributes her industrious personality to her upbringing.

“My parents taught me from a young age that it’s important to have a good work ethic,” she says.

“Things don’t come for free. You have to make your wealth by working hard. I also like to have lots of things on the go – from modelling to my skincare line. I need variety.

“I’ve been blessed to get some great work … I don’t take any of these opportunities for granted. They’ve all helped pave the way for me to get to the next exciting thing.”

But when it comes to raising Flynn, Miranda says she makes sure she puts away the phone to focus on one-to-one time.

“Flynn knows when I am home we spend quality time together,” she says. “We play hide and seek or jump on the trampoline. I ask him what he wants to do and let him lead. I also don’t let work get in the way of our time together. When I am home, it’s all about him.”

Her work ethic also helps when it comes to looking after herself. She sets her alarm an hour before Flynn wakes so she can do yoga or meditation. She’s not cardio-obsessed and says she gets dizzy from spin classes – preferring a more chilled approached to getting her body and mind in balance.

“I really try to look after myself on a daily basis,” Miranda says. “Consistency is important and I will try to work my routine for fitness around my schedule. When Flynn’s at school, I do a workout, I also take the stairs over lifts, if I can. I also like to eat healthy food – I have never been a calorie-counter.”


The Weekly Review cover January 18, 2017. Miranda Kerr photographed by Russell James.
The Weekly Review cover January 18, 2017. Miranda Kerr photographed by Russell James.