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The ever-popular actor, writer and director has two new movies, Nest and A Few Less Men, due out next year, but at Christmas time the father of four is sticking firmly to a tried and true script. He even wants hankies.


How will you spend Christmas?

The same as I hope most people get the chance to do, which is with family. It’s a very loud affair, and if you’re really lucky, you can even get a word in.


What’s on the menu?

It is very traditional. Roast chicken and ham have been the regular guests on our dinner table for as long as I can remember. This year, the main difference is I will be playing head chef at our new home in Macedon after the old family home was sold.


Most memorable present?

There was a dear old lady who wasn’t my nanna, but we called her Nanna Hogg – mainly because Hogg was her surname. She was a wonderful woman who played piano at my mother’s dance school. Every year, without fail, she would give me a hanky for Christmas. I’d always laugh at the fact that I would no doubt get another hanky from Nanna Hogg this year and, of course, I always did. But Nanna Hogg is no longer with us, and nobody buys me hankies any more, and truth be told, I have run out. I miss Nanna Hogg dearly and I miss her hankies too.


Favourite Christmas memory?

Our favourite story to remind our mother of on Christmas day is the time she started to say a prayer – as she liked to do at Christmas and Easter – before we tucked into our Christmas lunch. This one year she began the prayer with for what we are about to “relieve” instead of saying, “for what we are about to receive”. This, of course, triggered immediate laughter from one and all, as well as the sarcastic responses that only a family can provide … well my family do, anyway.


All I want for Christmas is …

For everyone to enjoy the holiday as much as my family and I do.


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