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Nourish Body & Skin


The promise

A lift and tint to lengthen my lashes and widen my eyes so I can go to the races, channel Beyonce and say, “I woke up like this”.

The reality

My last experience with lifting lashes was those scary-looking curling contraptions in the ’90s. Lash technology has come a long way since then. While lash perms have been around for a while, the lash lift (lashes are lifted from the root and extended rather than curled) is a recent advancement.

I lie down while my therapist, Sam, gets to work taping down my bottom lashes and then applying a special adhesive to my top lashes, which she then brushes onto a silicone pad using a tiny lash comb (it feels oddly nice to have your lashes brushed).

While the perming solution is doing its thing, Sam gives me a 10-minute scalp massage. She repeats the process with the setting solution, which means another massage, followed by a nourishing oil to get rid of the adhesive. The last step is the tint.

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The pay-off

For someone with long yet fair lashes, this treatment makes a huge difference. I look as if I’m wearing mascara and the results should last eight weeks.

The pain factor

I felt some slight stinging during the lash tint, but apart from that I felt supremely relaxed.

Who should do it?

People with straight lashes would especially benefit, although the lift will really make a difference to any kind of lashes. It would be a great treatment to do at the start of the Spring Racing Carnival or summer holiday season.

The bill

It’s $99 for the lot.

Would I do it again?

I can already see myself heading back for a top-up in a couple of months.