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The promise

A three-step skin treatment to give my neglected skin the “wow” factor, Skinologie’s Hero facial is inspired by the latest in global skin technology and designed by the company’s medical director Ceylan Yilmaz.

The reality

After a thorough consultation to make sure the treatment is suitable for my skin, my dermal therapist Wendy gets to work cleansing my face and then uses microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and prepare my skin for the real hero of the facial: the laser.

I wear sunglasses while the laser moves over my skin, which is nice and warm and feels much like a tiny sun hovering around my face. Wendy tells me this helps reduce pore size (yes please!).

This is followed by a chemical peel. Wendy uses the gentler version on me because my skin isn’t accustomed to medical-grade products.

The finishing touch is a mask soaked in hyaluronic acid and peptides, which is like a fast-track to skin hydration (again, yes please), and has instant smoothing and plumping effects. Meanwhile, Wendy gives me a chest and shoulder massage that takes me to cloud nine.


The pay-off

I was stunned to see how glowing my face was immediately after. I’d booked the treatment on a Wednesday thinking I might come out looking red raw, but instead I looked so radiant I wished I had a social event to attend that night! My skin felt smooth for days.

The pain factor

None. Apparently some people feel tingling as a result of the active ingredients but I barely felt anything. Plus there’s zero down time!

Who should do it?

Those with a dull complexion, dehydrated or ageing skin, or any skin that feels like it needs a boost. The facial can be done as part of monthly maintenance or for a special day.

The bill

It’s $349 for a one-hour treatment.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely. I loved the way my skin looked and felt afterwards.


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