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The Craft & Co

The promise

Learn how to make great home-made pasta every time.

The reality

It’s Thursday at The Craft & Co – the Smith Street micro-brewery, distillery, coffee roaster, restaurant and workshop space – and a group of nine of us are trickling in for a class. Head chef Dom Marzano will teach us how to make fettucine, tortellini and ricotta gnocchi, but first we have to learn how to make pasta dough. Dom weighs out flour and eggs, then passes chunks of the dough around so we can feel when it’s ready to knead. He shows us how to roll out dough using a pasta machine and then use the same machine to cut the pasta into various widths. On to the ricotta gnocchi, using cheese made on-site, and then the tortellini, which we learn to fill and fold like professionals (well, almost).

The pay-off

After making all the pasta, we are shown how to cook it. Then comes the best bit: we sit down to enjoy the fruits of our hard work (and Dom’s delicious pasta sauces).

The pain factor

Being an uncoordinated lefty, I don’t quite conquer the pasta-making machine, but what’s a little humiliation when a big bowl of pasta awaits?

Who should try it?
Fresh pasta novices like me, foodies and Italophiles.

The bill?
The $75 includes a glass of wine and dinner.

Would I do it again?
The course left me feeling confident I could host a fresh pasta dinner party with aplomb, but I hear the cheesemaking class calling me.