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Eileen Harper Beauty Therapy


The promise

Brow Queen Eileen Harper promises beautifully defined brows that suit the shape and structure of your face.

The reality

You only have to flick through Instagram to know eyebrows are an important thing. Their shape and colour can have a dramatic effect on how your face looks.

“If the eyes are the window to your soul, the eyebrows are the frames,” Eileen says as she leads me to the treatment room. The former model says no matter what shape is in fashion, your eyebrows need to be sculpted to suit your face.

We decide thin brows are no good for me because my face is reasonably wide but I could afford to have them tidied up at the ends. I have a few gaps from getting overzealous with the tweezers as a teenager, so she also tints my brows to fill them in for an even look.

After selfie. Phpoto: Jemimah Clegg
After selfie. Phpoto: Jemimah Clegg

The pay-off

I leave the salon with my brows looking Hollywood-perfect. Eileen says that, with regular care, the gaps may start to grow in but her salon also offers microblading – a subtle semi-permanent tattoo – if they don’t.

The pain factor

Waxing always smarts a bit but it’s over very quickly and Eileen chats to distract you.

Who should try it?
Anyone who wants their eyebrows looking fabulous and just in time for spring racing.

The bill?
It’s $60 for the tint, wax and consultation.

Would I do it again?

Definitely – gotta keep those brows in shape now.