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Nu5 Hair Studio

  • Box Hill Central, 1 Main Street, Box Hill
  • 9890 6887


The promise

French braids and all kinds of variations on plaits are hot right now and would look fantastic teamed with a simple headpiece for the racing season.

But they are not something I can do without causing irreversible damage to my neck, shedding buckets of tears of frustration, or both. So, after seeing some of their work online, I put myself in the hands of the team at Nu5 to trial my race-day tress-up.

The reality

I explain (with the help of some sketches) to the stylists that I’d like to create a horseshoe-shaped design in braids at the back of my head, both for good luck and to fit in with the racing theme.

They get to work, crimping the top section of hair for body and then creating the braids. In only 20 minutes their nimble fingers have made my French braid fantasies come true.

Leeyong. Photo: supplied
Leeyong. Photo: supplied

The pay-off

Beautiful braids in a unique design that holds so well I can still show off the style at work the next day.

The pain factor

I should have brought a photo to explain the style I wanted but this didn’t cause too much trouble.

Who should try it?
Anyone who wants special-occasion styling without special-occasion hassle.

The bill?
From $80, depending on hair length and the complexity of the desired style. A consultation is recommended.

Would I do it again?
I’m plotting events requiring fancy plaits!