There was a wedding recently, did you hear? The coverage was subtle and restrained and the couple can look forward to a life blisfully free from media attention.

Hair (be)comes the bride

14:34:PM 05/05/2011
James Razos

There was a wedding recently, did you hear? The coverage was subtle and restrained and the couple can look forward to a life blisfully free from media attention.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we’re starting to see white veils, silk dresses and vintage cars making their appearance in places such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, St Kilda Beach and St Paul’s Cathedral.

After the dress, one of the decisions a bride has to make is whether to wear her hair up or down. The advantage of having hair up is that it lasts for longer and doesn’t need to be constantly managed. However, wearing hair down means it can sit nicely under a veil and complement the dress.

When deciding what hairstyle is best suited for your wedding, it’s crucial to ignore fashion trends. You have to ask the following questions – what will enhance the dress and best suit my face shape? Is the wedding formal or is it more relaxed? If I have a square jaw, are curls more favourable? If I have a petite face, is sleek with minimal detail a better option?

The best way to make these decisions is to have a couple of trials before the wedding day. And don’t forget to invite the bridal entourage, as they are your harshest critics.

Bride with tiara: (above)

Traditional and elegant

This bride has a highly orchestrated, wrap-around, chignon twist. With a beautiful side part, the hairstyle encompasses a diamante tiara. Admittedly the arms of the tiara should be masterfully concealed. This “do” is very popular, as it’s very much your typical bridal image.

For a petite face with a slender neck.

Bride with flowers:

Bronze beach babe

This hairstyle is very hip, particularly for brides who are eloping to Bali. It’s relaxed around the hairline, allowing texture and variation, and it has been swept away with a very soft twist that’s allowed to sit loose and carefree. Take note of the boat neckline of the dress, as this relates well with the hair. It’s beautifully finished off with a dusty, pink rose that contrasts nicely with the strawberry-blonde hair colour.

For a wider, square-shaped face. Also for a bride who is planning a barefoot beach wedding.

An outrageous ’do:

High fashion couture

Definitely for the catwalk, this style works within current trends. It’s a windswept style that requires masses of?hair to be scrunched and teased. It falls in a free form and is great for those outdoor brides who want to capture a more natural self. For a blonde, this is a great way to release the large curls and highlights.

With a simple dress, as the hair is adding to the look. Square face, big eyes and a wild expression.

Raving red:

Radiance and youth

This sculptured hair-wave falls softly onto the shoulders. It must be well curled and prepped before the wedding ceremony, as it is a style that can easily fall, becoming lank and uninteresting. This hairstyle and this colour shows off the style of dress, which is strapless.

For a bride who wants to be noticed. The bride must also have thick hair or be willing to use hair extensions.

Brunette beauty:

A class act

This image solves the problem of whether to wear the hair up or down. It has been beautifully coiffed around the front and sides, allowing cascading soft curls to fall onto the shoulder.

A perfect ’do that frames the face and allows the hair to sustain a look all night long. Take note of the heavy side fringe.

For high foreheads, as it’s a great way of elongating the face. Also suits oval-shaped faces with measured features.

Everyone loves Charlotte:

Brunette beauty

This hairstyle is very safe, reminiscent of Charlotte on Sex and the City. It is clean-lined and swept away from the face. In an S formation, the hair falls down. Most brides would find this hair as an extension of themselves: it is not contrived, very natural and a typical, beachy look. It would work best with a strapless dress, as it’s all about the lustre of the colour and the shine of the hair.

For a bride who has oval features and is a little bit more reserved.

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