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It may not be winter yet, but the arts community in Woodend is already planning to warm people’s hearts with the launch of the Woodend Winter Arts Festival on March 19.

This year is the 12th annual festival, which its artistic director Jacqueline Ogeil says will include the high-brow and the fun, educational events and events for contemplation.

“The Woodend Winter Arts Festival provides quality world-class artistic adventures, international collaborations in historical local settings,” she says.

The festival will be held from June 10-13.

As part of the season launch, renowned concertmaster and violinist Anne Harvey-Nagl will perform with fellow violinist Susannah Ng, a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Anne will also have some city-based performances and will visit Ivanhoe Grammar School to inspire the students through her music.

Performances for the launch are on: