Father Kevin Dillon:...
Pauline Braniff
As he prepares for Good Friday, St Mary's Catholic Parish priest Father Kevin Dillon reflects on the importance of family and social justice. ... >>MORE
Cherie Seeto bought The Sprout & the Bean a year ago and the constant positive feedback from her clients points to its success. ... >>MORE
Cameron Burns likes to make his customers feel at home with the ambience and type of food he serves up at the Steampocket Pizzeria & Cafe.
... >>MORE
Check out the best of what's happening around town during the school break. ... >>MORE
Bethany Community Support knows the importance of a strong parent-child relationship and its Early Connections Program plays a key role in building the ties. And so is Bethany's Arthouse Film Festival... ... >>MORE
Don't be deceived by the seemingly traditional weatherboard fa├žade of this Geelong West house. Its design contrasts period detail with dramatic modern angles. ... >>MORE
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Check out the best of what's happening around town.
Motor City Music Festival: March 6-8
Motor City Music Festival: March 6-8

More than 50 bands graced the five stages of the Motor City Music Festival at the weekend, with about 7500 people rocking out at the festival over three days.