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Is the world’s best croissant made in Australia? 

That was the headline in The New York Times food section revealing something that we locals already knew – that Melbourne’s Lune Croissanterie makes some seriously good croissants.

Oliver Strand’s article declares that the croissants “may be the finest you will find anywhere in the world, and alone worth a trip across the dateline.”

Lune Croissanterie


Late in 2015, Lune Croissanterie relocated from Elwood, where it is rumoured people would wait from 4am on a Saturday to lay their hands on a still-warm, buttery, flaky croissant. And those who didn’t arrive quite that early were willing to wait in line for hours with no guarantee of securing themselves a sweet morning treat.

Lune version 2.0 is a much larger space where pastry chef and owner Kate Reid and her brother Cam can turn out many more baked goods and customers can breakfast like the Parisians and sit down to a coffee and croissant. Filled cruffins (a croissant and muffin combo filled with raspberry jam and chocolate mousse; mandarin curd; and a Malaysian-inspired “kaya” coconut custard creme) are also on the menu as are the classic almond twice-baked crescents.

Savoury-filled pastries are available too, all of them straight out of the oven and into our waiting hands.

People with the mildest pastry obsession can book themselves a seat at the Lune Lab and enjoy some tasty treats as they watch croissant masters make and bake the pillowy pastry.