Audience figures for Channel 10’s Masterchef would seem that Australia’s hunger for cooking shows is only getting stronger, and now we can add a distinctly Melbourne-flavoured ingredient to the mix.

Joy FM radio hosts David Hunt and Sue Wilkinson will film the second episode of their Who’s On the Menu this weekend for community television station Channel 31.

Unlike its network television compatriots, the show is filmed in front of a live audience at the Eureka Hotel in Richmond, where the co-hosts are taught how to cook a two-course meal by chef Stuart Rudd. The pair then have to recreate Stuart’s dishes, relying on their recall and then serve their creations to a celebrity guest, who has to perform for their supper before sitting down to dinner and a chat.

The best part? The audience gets to sample the menu while they watch the interview.

The second show will be filmed on June 1 with legendary performer Colleen Hewett. Voted the TV Hits Queen of Pop two years in a row in the 1970s, Colleen is probably best known for her single ‘Day by Day’, and has also appeared in numerous TV and stage shows.

Now that’s what we’d call dinner and a show.

David says that 15 years after dreaming up the concept, his vision has finally come to life.

“Everyone on it is volunteer, so we’re only doing it every second week,” he says. “We filmed the first one last week and it was a huge success. People loved it, people got it.

“The audience is sitting there having this gourmet meal as we’re trying to learn what they’re eating from the chef onstage. And there’s a performance from our special guest each week who we then interview over the meal we’ve cooked for them. Good or bad.”

We hope for Colleen’s sake, they nail the main course.

Who’s on the Menu at the Eureka Hotel,1 Church St, Richmond
June 1 and 15, from 6.30pm for a red carpet arrival. Filming begins at 7pm.
Cost – $75.00