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2$exy: The Business of Sex \ ABC2, December 6-12 \

Aunty pokes through our dirty laundry this week, with a series of programs touching on 21st-century sex. In an age when Playboy has dumped nudes because porn is beamed free into every home, there’s certainly much to discuss. Tom Tilley will host Australians on Porn, a live forum examining how many of us are watching it and what it’s doing to our relationships. Other docos include the Australian premiere of Revenge Porn, plus Four Corners: Escorts and a special episode of Good Game. ●


The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North (Hachette) \

Lauded by Lena Dunham, this portrait of a damaged (and damaging) artist is a gripping character piece with the electric crackle of a thriller. We only ever see the eponymous, enigmatic Sophie through the eyes of others – as a fledgling filmmaker, a teenage misfit and a feted director. I can’t remember the last time I read a book in a single sitting, but journalist Anna North’s smart, twisting and swift-footed tale is an irresistible treat. ●

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Adele \ 25 (Remote Control) \

There can’t be many people on the planet who haven’t heard Hello, the belting first single from her third LP (so long-awaited that Adele is actually now 27). It sets the tone for 25’s redemptive flavour. The broken relationship that gave 21 its burned-out beauty remains in the background, but there are flashes of new happiness. Musically, it’s mostly business as usual, but why mess with success? This is as perfect and heartfelt as pop gets. Nobody will be disappointed. ●

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Listen to Hello


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation \ DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes \

Tom Cruise is back in the franchise that refuses to self-destruct. While it has flirted with the gritty stylings of post-Bourne espionage flicks, the M:I series has never been able to shed its inherent silliness. This is a good thing. Film number five joyfully embraces its daftness, while Cruise himself is just as bonkers. Outrageous fun. ●

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