Bev Brock.
Life without limits
Peter Wilmoth
Six weeks before he died, on September 8, 2006, Peter Brock phoned the woman who had shared his life for 28 years and from whom he had recently separated. “He called me to say, ‘Bevo, I want to tell you I’ve finally retired’." Bev Brock talks to Peter Wilmoth about loving, and losing, a racing legend
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He is a genuine spirit in a fickle business in which some designers can get too big for their boots and shun the media. He’s less about small talk and more about getting on with business, and always has time for those around him. ... >>MORE
twrfoodkhapril23 Main course of
Prix Fixe
Kendall Hill
"A little bit cabaret, a little bit bistro." Kendall Hill reviews Prix Fixe in the city. ... >>MORE
Casa Pre de Sura, San Martino in Badia, Italy Architects: Casati.
Alpine architecture
Corrie Perkin
At first glance, the traditional European mountain chalet might appear to have little in common with the lifestyles and domestic needs of 21st-century Melburnians. But alpine architecture could work here too. ... >>MORE
It may be 27 years since his death, but who can’t immediately conjure Professor Julius Sumner Miller asking that trademark question – “Why is it so?” – in his trans-Atlantic twang? With his outlandish wiry sideburns and beetling black brows raised independently in fierce inquiry, he was the poster boy for the most unpopular of sciences.
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Celebrity chef Simon Bryant.
The life of Bryant
Andrew McUtchen
“The bi-catch of trawler fishing is just horrendous. It’s like using a bulldozer to harvest a cow,” Simon Bryant says. “In the process you chew up sheep, houses, backyards, the pet dog, whatever’s in its path.” Andrew McUtchen meets a celebrity chef with a conscience. ... >>MORE
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Kin Collective launches 2014 season
Kin Collective launches 2014 season
The Kin Collective celebrated the launch of its 2014 Season on Monday night at The Toff in Town with performances by The Chantoozies, Alinta Chidzey and The Dan Hamill Band. St. Patrick's...