Fashion forecast
Jane Rocca

When Katy Perry visited Sydney earlier this year, she took on the role of weather girl on Channel Seven’s Sunrise, presenting the national forecast dressed in what was, for the usually outrageously clad pop star, a rather subdued floral two-piece. While it was intended to be a little tongue-in-cheek, her ensemble reflected how we have traditionally tended to view our weather presenters – as a little...

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Even these dark days...
Virginia Trioli

Just a handful of hot north wind-filled days away from the Victorian state election and voter trust seems to have scattered like pollen from the plane trees.

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"We have a garden and the snow peas are going ballistic at the moment. I’ve eaten more snow peas this week then ever in my entire life!" Jane Rocca catches up with Narayana Johnson.

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West Village Café
Leanne Tolra

Rodney and Ann Smorgon, owners of 18-storey The Metropolis apartment complex on St Kilda Road, took back operation of the ground floor retail space of their building earlier this year and signed gregarious Gil Reddick (formerly of Left Bank) to manage the 80-seat venue.

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Grain Store
Leanne Tolra

We give pan-seared scallops a similar grading. They are cooked faultlessly and rest on a smooth smoked-eggplant purée, dressed with a scattering of crisp-fried leeks and mixed salad leaves. A butternut boudin noir sandwich – slices of golden roasted pumpkin encasing a velvety layer of black pudding – brings the elements together. Acid is added via ricotta lemon curd, but it’s almost missed as we share...

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Cold comfort
Peter Wilmoth

Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff took on Vladimir Putin so a few internet trolls are not likely to bother her.

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CAPTION: Peter Lindbergh \'Jean Paul Gaultier 2005\'

When we meet, Jean Paul Gaultier – one-time enfant terrible of French fashion – has been in town for fewer than 24 hours yet he seems chirpy, jet lag free and thrilled to be at the National Gallery of Victoria, surrounded by his collection.

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