Track ready
Dhav Naidu
Cast aside your job interview clobber if you’re heading to the races; the Spring Racing Carnival is the occasion to refresh your wardrobe. Steer away from the too-tight dark suit, white shirt, slim tie and dark sunglasses combo that I have christened “the pall-bearer’s uniform”. Instead break-up your suits and mismatch them, make a statement with colour, clash your stripes,... ... >>MORE
Time for a good dose...
Virginia Trioli
It’s a trip you have to take some day, some time: and unless you’re there to have a baby or visit a baby, it’s usually a trip you would do anything to avoid. Our family has been through a health crisis – happily resolved – that involved the emergency trip to the public hospital. Yes, that brooding monolith a couple of suburbs away that seems always to be surrounded by... ... >>MORE
Adrian Li
Michelle Ostrow
Adrian Li is the epitome of Gen Y. He’s tech-savvy, well-educated and über cool. He saunters as he walks, is often late and has a slight obsession with his hair. Li even emails and texts in chat abbreviations.

He went to show me his kitchen tools, only to sneak off to add product to his hair. But don’t let any of that youthful self-awareness fool you; he is not conceited. ... >>MORE
One lucky TWR reader will win the everything on this page and celebrate the Melbourne Cup with our Spring Racing Hamper. Leanne Tolra reviews the contents. ... >>MORE
What's the Big Idea?
Peter Wilmoth
Mark Carnegie had big dreams as a young man. Big, deep dreams. “I tried to be Jacques Cousteau and failed,” he says. “I was trying to do marine zoology and go off and have [Cousteau’s boat] the Calypso and that life.

“I got to week two or three in zoology at first-year university and I met this guy who’s now a professor of anatomy at one of the South Australian... ... >>MORE
Lady sings the blues
Andra Jackson
Margie Lou Dyer was a baby when her father, legendary Australian jazzman Warwick “Wocka” Dyer died, yet he has guided her career path. Wocka Dyer played trombone and piano and sang and composed in Melbourne’s famous Frank Johnson’s Fabulous Dixielanders before he died in a car accident while returning from a performance in Nagambie in 1955. He left behind a wife, an 18-month-old... ... >>MORE
Fast talking
Sarah Marinos
Will Hagon is in a dilemma of the best possible kind. The veteran motor sport commentator has just sold his home overlooking Middle Brother National Park, between Taree and Port Macquarie. The plan was to downsize to the Hunter Valley so he and his partner, Helen Daly, would be midway between their two sons – Toby, a journalist (), and Kym, a country vet. But Hagon has just received a phone call... ... >>MORE
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MAArvelous Millinery
MAArvelous Millinery
The Millinery Association of Australia brought together Australia’s finest milliners in a showcase cocktail party on October 2.  MAArvelous Millinery was held at the Arts...