Special Guest
Peter Wilmoth
Lunch in Paris with Juliette Binoche: the commitment was in Donna Guest’s diary a few weeks ago. For a Francophile with an international retail empire styled around a French aesthetic, a work day doesn’t get much better than that. Before the lunch, Guest spent the morning in an apartment in the Marais quarter overseeing a photo shoot with the French actress and style icon, who has signed... ... >>MORE
Virginia Trioli.
It’s been strange to hear an unusual silence around the announcement of an Australian military deployment to help Iraq rid itself of the vicious and inhuman Islamic State. ... >>MORE
Win all items in this month's hamper. Leanne Tolra samples the contents. ... >>MORE
You’ve now looked at so many houses you can’t remember what you looked at yesterday. You have two choices. Read on ... ... >>MORE
The Chairman
Sarah Marinos
Fabio Biavaschi’s first foray into furniture design in Australia was the ultra-rustic Chalford Collection – a mix of furnishings made from natural, weathered timbers and old farm machinery. Biavaschi is from Cantu in northern Italy, a town famous for its woodcraft and artisanship. He studied industrial design at university in Milan and, last year, he and his fiancée decided to explore... ... >>MORE
The Bendigo Art Gallery has been presenting fashion and textile exhibitions since the ’90s, quietly going about its business as usual. In the recent past it has made headlines with shows such as The Golden Age of Couture and Grace Kelly: Style Icon for their breathtaking brilliance. But it’s the international premiere of Undressed: 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion that stitches a new seam... ... >>MORE
Kendall Hill
Back in the 20th century, when Southgate was cool, there was nothing more chic than a balcony table at Walter’s Wine Bar, cradling a glass of the Old World while gazing across the Yarra at the new. When Walter’s opened in the early 1990s it was a revelation, a window – an entire wall of windows – onto a perspective of the city we barely knew back then, beyond the Edwardian Baroque... ... >>MORE
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Mercedes-Benz Melbourne C-Class launch at Circa
Mercedes-Benz Melbourne C-Class launch at Circa
Mercedes-Benz Melbourne held an exclusive preview event at Circa in St Kilda on Tuesday, August 19 to launch the highly anticipated all-new C-Class: a new level of modern luxury within a single...