In her own skin
Jane Rocca
She’s one of Australia’s most sought-after models, tipped to follow in the footsteps of Miranda Kerr and and Jessica Hart. At 24 and based in New York, Ajak Deng is a regular on the international catwalk circuit, is signed to the world-famous IMG modelling agency and has appeared on the runway for Lanvin, Chloé, Valentino and Givenchy. In August she will grace the cover of the prestigious... ... >>MORE
Winter of our discontent...
Virginia Trioli
So this is what nine volts of sunshine feels like. My 40-watt globe is burning as brightly as its little filaments will allow, and I have my face turned to its meager glow in unabashed desperation. This is the only sun I can find, and if I have to face one more day of this desperately grey and cold winter I will abandon all my responsibilities and take a one-way flight to the equator. Don’t think... ... >>MORE
For today & tomorrow...
Liz McLachlan
A chance visit to a Balwyn display house has translated several years later into a stylish, light and airy inner-city residence for a Brunswick East couple keen to celebrate and enjoy life as they look towards retirement. When Lynette and Jeffrey stopped to look at Fasham’s Triangle House about six years ago, little did they realise they were sowing the seeds for their own future home. For many... ... >>MORE
Stars in her eyes
Peter Wilmoth
Kerry O’Brien has learnt a lot about celebrities after spending more than 20 years working alongside them. She has learnt that the great ones – George Clooney, the boys from AC/DC, Barry Humphries, Johnny Cash and the other Highwaymen, Billy Crystal, Dire Straits – are obliging professionals prepared to spend some time with the media selling their shows. She has also learnt that some... ... >>MORE
At 40, hyperrealist Melbourne sculptor Sam Jinks wonders at the cycle of life and human shortcomings. Two decades after he started out creating puppets for commercials, and special effects monsters for straight-to-video movies, he aims to create “precious items for the ages, something that will last”. A recent work, Unsettled Dogs, consists of two sculpted coyote heads sewn with vintage... ... >>MORE
An enquiring mind
Noel Murphy
Coffin photos of Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston, John Travolta’s gay sex life, Macaulay Culkin’s hillbilly heroin addiction, Reverend Jesse Jackson’s love child, Senator John Edwards too…It’s hard work pipping US tabloid the National Enquirer for world-beating headlines. It’s been belting them out for almost 90 years. Jaw-dropping, scandalising, ear-burning celebrity... ... >>MORE
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Miss Universe Australia 2014
Miss Universe Australia 2014
It was third time lucky for 21-year-old Tegan Martin who was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2014 at  a glittering ceremony at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins on Friday, June 6. Tegan, who...