Bob Hawke.
Bob Hawke opens up
Peter Wilmoth
Bob Hawke is in a jovial, even mischievous, mood, laughing at some of the moments that cemented him as a very human prime minister. He talks to Peter Wilmoth. ... >>MORE
Virginia Trioli.
Enlightened workplaces
Virginia Trioli
There’s something about the hermetically sealed environment of the two-day conference that I find deeply reassuring. The little lanyard of belonging that swings around your neck; that nifty shoulder bag stuffed with a telephone book of helpful brochures ... ... >>MORE
Last week we talked about how you could save about 10 per cent of the value of your property, simply by setting out a plan. This week, I’ll show how you can save double that or more by future-proofing your plan. ... >>MORE
You're the voice
Sarah Marinos
If you are with Virgin Mobile and make a mistake when you dial a number, Stephen Briggs will explain what you’ve done wrong. If you’ve bought tickets to see Kylie Minogue, Pink or Foo Fighters, it was Briggs’s voice in the TV advertisement urging you to buy those tickets. If you’ve bought a BlackBerry, a SodaStream or a Lexus, Briggs’s smooth, professional voice helped... ... >>MORE
The Macdonald Age
Michelle Pini
As Ranald Macdonald enters the bustling café, several diners look up. The former Age executive, now in his seventies, is an imposing figure with a confident carriage and a deep, resonating voice. Macdonald had originally declined an interview, relenting only after I suggested he would not have accepted such quick surrender from one of his own journalists. I must have hit a nerve, because Macdonald... ... >>MORE
Chilling out in Tasmania...
Daniel McCulloch
Within minutes of leaving Hobart’s city limits, traffic lights are a distant memory.The once-sleepy state capital’s maze of galleries, eateries and boutiques melts away, making way for lush green paddocks, ancient forests and vast expanses of open water. Push the pedal to the floor and almost any location on the apple isle can be reached within hours. But it won’t take long to realise... ... >>MORE
Meet the principal
Cheryl Critchley
At 25, Sophia Ashworth Jones became Britain’s youngest school head. But such milestones have never been her aim. The new Christ Church Grammar School principal simply wants the children under her watch to be happy and keen learners. “All the children I’ve ever taught have been lovely and have responded to being treated like lovely children,” she says. “It’s the only... ... >>MORE
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Mercedes-Benz Melbourne C-Class launch at Circa
Mercedes-Benz Melbourne C-Class launch at Circa
Mercedes-Benz Melbourne held an exclusive preview event at Circa in St Kilda on Tuesday, August 19 to launch the highly anticipated all-new C-Class: a new level of modern luxury within a single...