In a way, Ruth Hollows has been on a lifelong search for her father. Happily, she finds him everywhere she looks – in the stories her mother, friends and strangers tell, in the footage of interviews he did and now in the faces of the people whose sight she is helping restore. With her twin sister Rosa, Hollows recently visited the lens factory near Kathmandu, Nepal, which was part of Professor... ... >>MORE
Beacon of fairness on...
Virginia Trioli
When the Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed the hushed and darkened hall of the United Nations General Assembly last week, he celebrated Australia as “a free, fair and multicultural society; a beacon of hope and exemplar of unity-in-diversity”. Despite tensions in our country – real and imagined, actual and tabloid-generated – and despite horrors that sometimes come right... ... >>MORE
A couple of weeks ago we looked at two young buyers who each bought properties in 2000. The first bought an apartment at 15 Caravel Lane, Docklands for $507,500, which they sold in 2014 for $576,000. The second buyer spent $493,000 on a family house in Celia Street, Glen Iris, and sold in 2014 for $1.5 million. What were the values behind the Celia Street house that effectively put $1 million into... ... >>MORE
If you knew Peggy
Andrew McUtchen
There’s no denying it’s a serene setting, absolutely picturesque, but there are nerves. I am about to embark on an interview with Victoria’s first lady and, despite assurances that it would be just the two of us, the Premier is on my left, his media adviser on his left and Peggy Napthine to my right. We are alone in the way of chaperoned dates in days of yore. ... >>MORE
Tim Doutré samples the Bayside. ... >>MORE
Leanne Tolra
Dining somewhere so new the steak knives are still unscathed has its rewards, and its challenges. Staff interact cautiously with charm and care that can dissipate with time, but glitches that will eventually be tidied are more obvious. ... >>MORE
Not-so-easy rider
Lee Atkinson
Pigs can and do fly in Vietnam, especially when they bounce off the back of a scooter on a hairpin bend halfway up a mountain. When they do, they roll long and fast in their little cylindrical baskets, with an uncanny ability to aim themselves right at the front wheel of your motorcycle at the same time as an overloaded truck appears ahead of you on the wrong side of the road, and you’re surrounded... ... >>MORE
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Mercedes-Benz Melbourne C-Class launch at Circa
Mercedes-Benz Melbourne C-Class launch at Circa
Mercedes-Benz Melbourne held an exclusive preview event at Circa in St Kilda on Tuesday, August 19 to launch the highly anticipated all-new C-Class: a new level of modern luxury within a single...