Hooked on meat: Melbourne’s Jess Pryles, has been declared a meat expert by America’s CNN.
Smokin' hot
Bianca Villarosa

The American southern-style barbecue is an Aussie hit - and it's little wonder. Check out our amazing recipes, tips, video and much more.

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Up on the roof
Jo Davy

From farming to fitness, there’s plenty to do up on the roof that doesn’t involve a drink in hand.

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Chill out
Chloe Booker

Chloe Booker finds some hot spots to chill out this summer.

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A new leaf of life
Jane Canaway

There was a loud wailing, gnashing of teeth and a collective groan from gardeners nationwide when the organisers of Open Gardens Australia announced they were shutting up shop in 2015. But a website has been launched to ensure garden lovers can still get their dose of floral voyeurism.

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The sounds of summer
Luke Henriques-Gomes

Pester Melburnians for their preferred playlist for a sunny day and you’ll find there’s no clear formula for the ideal summer song.

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The fossil hunters
Teresa Murphy

There is no richer place for fossilised marine mammals and sharks in Australia than the six-million-year-old sandstone cliffs and reefs of Beaumaris.

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The wheel deal
Isabelle Lane

Melbourne may lack the infrastructure and casual everyday riding culture of cycling havens such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, but hopping on a bike is still the surest path to many of the city’s hidden pleasures.

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Smoking hot photos - behind the scenes
Smoking hot photos - behind the scenes
The Weekly Review has taken you into the depths of our love affair with the American-style BBQ. Now, check out our behind the scenes action and extra photos.