Ita Buttrose is an inspiration to many. Photo: Getty Images

Who do you find Australia's most inspiring woman? The word coming through from our readers is that Ita Buttrose has to be a contender.

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Virginia Trioli.
A timely reminder
Virginia Trioli

We cannot ignore violence in any of its forms, says Virginia Trioli.

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The designer daughter of Carla Zampatti reveals her latest range.

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Guy Pearce. Photo: Jules Tahan

TWR talks to Guy Pearce about his new album, his life-long devotion to music and why he kept it under wraps for so long. Check out our video teaser.

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Seared scallop salad. Photo: Chris Hopkins
L'Hotel Gitan
Kendall Hill

This latest collaboration from the Reymond siblings is oozing with old-school glamour.

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Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Get ready to check out our story on rising star Kodi Smit-McPhee on Monday - in the meantime, take a sneak peek at his new blockbuster mini-series Gallipoli.

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Ngoc Autran. Photo: Scott McNaughton
Hard Pressed Café
Leanne Tolra

Phil Gijsbers wanted his latest café to be an extension of the nearby Fitzroy Gardens.

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Summer time in Melbourne
Summer time in Melbourne
Stephen McKenzie braved the heat in January to spend the morning tracing sandy footsteps along windswept suburban beaches before driving in blessed, air-conditioned comfort to Venus Bay....