The Astor Theatre in St Kilda. Photo: Eddie Jim
5 films we would like...
Isabelle Lane

The iconic Astor Theatre is set to reopen its doors in June and it's time to celebrate its salvation. Here is a choice of five classics that are sure to be a hit with those who walk through the grand old doors once again.

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Gallipoli myth makers
Myke Bartlett

Check out amazing video footage of the Gallipoli landing from the 1915 film Hero of the Dardanelles. Read on as Myke Bartlett looks at how the Anzac legend has been carefully scripted from 1915 to the current day on the big and small screens.

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This is Luna Park, but how do you pronounce it? Photo  Estelle Grunberg
Can we tell where you...
Staff Reporter

Melbourne’ or ‘Malbourne’ – which sounds right? We have the answer for you. Read on ...

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Sam Simmons takes out...
Virginia Millen

Sam Simmons served Spaghetti For Breakfast at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and he is taking home the Barry Award for it.

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Natalie Imbruglia is banking on social media's Instant Crush with her song from the new album Male.

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Game of Thrones hits...
Philip Richie

Take a look at this map, grab your costume and arm your fortress, because every Melburnian can now throw their own “Game of Homes” dress-up party.

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Anzac Day dawn service. Photo: Matthew Furneaux

Take a look at the music, stories and services around town as we commemorate Anzac Day.

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Captain Baxter in St Kilda celebrates cocktails by the sea
Captain Baxter in St Kilda celebrates cocktails by the sea
Did someone say cocktails? The weather might be changing but the rooftop in Captain Baxter in St Kilda just keeps getting more beautiful. The award-winning restaurant and bar, which overlooks...