Brief encounter
Jane Rocca
Jai Courtney is standing in a pair of underpants in New York’s Milk Studios, waiting patiently. The Australian-born actor, who now lives in Los Angeles, is posing in this hip Meatpacking District location – which doubles as a popular fashion and celebrity hang-out during fashion week – ready to be snapped as the new poster boy for Bonds. He’s being directed to strut and work... ... >>MORE
Dump the whole ram thing
Virginia Trioli
By the time you read to the end of this column, the laptop on which it was written will have been hurled out the window. So you’d better duck. ... >>MORE
High quality wine bottle photography by CSP Creative.Visit
Winemakers will also use different yeasts, which can affect flavour and texture, and mature them in a range of oak barrels. Smaller or younger barrels impart more tannin and oak characteristics. ... >>MORE
Scott Pickett from Saint Crispin.
The heat is on
Francesca Carter
Scott Pickett is a firm believer in the expression “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. For almost 30 years, the extroverted chef has survived fiery bosses, punch-ups and broken plates being flung around the kitchen. ... >>MORE
Elliot Costello.
The good son
Nicole Haddow
Many parents might baulk at the idea of welcoming prostitutes and drug addicts into the family home, but for Elliot Costello and his siblings Claire and Martin, it was not unusual. ... >>MORE
Instead of buying your dad the usual pre-packaged goodies this Father's Day, why not spoil him silly with something he needs – even if he doesn’t know it yet. ... >>MORE
Full speed: George Ierodiaconou makes the most of his time kitesurfing on Taveuni. Photo: Steph Neil
Going wild in Fiji
George Ierodiaconou
Taveuni is a popular destination for millionaires flying in on private jets, thrill-seekers and honeymooners. But there is no middle of the road here; it’s about adventure or sheer luxury. ... >>MORE
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Jennifer Hawkins hits catwalk for Myer
Jennifer Hawkins hits catwalk for Myer
Jennifer Hawkins led a star-studded catwalk as Myer launched its Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Collection in Sydney on Thursday. It featured the Face of Myer Jennifer Hawkins and Myer Ambassadors...