Naomi Milgrom.
Queen of arts
Peter Wilmoth
The very private Naomi Milgrom is inviting a measure of public attention because of her central involvement with a project called the MPavilion, a temporary space used as a cultural hub for talks, workshops, performances and installations around architecture and design. ... >>MORE
Crate Expectations
Virginia Trioli
The Melbourne artist who copied an upside-down milk crate for his 2005 entry in the wonderful McClelland sculpture prize is apparently aghast at similarities in a work by a Sydney artist who copied an upside-down milk crate for a NSW public commission. Word has not yet been received from the person who designed the milk crate in the first place, and who may have strong feelings of their own about artists... ... >>MORE
Rejuvenate in Bali
Peter Wilmoth
Fight or flight, which instinct is going to win? Do you fight your way through all of Melbourne’s winter or do you take a flight – to Bali – and recharge for a couple of weeks? Bali’s familiarity and accessibility make it a great option for rejuvenation. ... >>MORE
TWR wine event
Staff Reporter
Champagne lovers and social butterflies alike gathered at South Melbourne’s Bellota Wine Bar on Thursday for The Weekly Review’s first wine event. ... >>MORE
When it comes to understanding fashion’s social and cultural impact, there is more to it than a rising hemline and ever-changing silhouette. With the arrival of The Australian Women’s Weekly Fashion: The First 50 Years comes a succinct guide to the forces that shaped women’s fashion from the 1930s to the ’70s. The title looks at how news, historical events and popular culture... ... >>MORE
Thawing out in Byron...
Emma Houghton
By August, an escape from Melbourne’s frigid climes can become a serious obsession for many. The prospect of absorbing the sun’s rays while getting around in a T-shirt, even just for an afternoon, can hold an allure far beyond its medicinal value. If you can justify only a short getaway, your available time avoiding grey skies and intimacy with heaters has to be strategically maximised... ... >>MORE
Meet Clare Wright: historian, writer, academic, broadcaster, public speaker, wife, mother and extraordinary role model. If that were not enough, she now adds prize-winning author to her impressive CV. Wright won the 2014 Stella Prize for Australian women writers with her second book, The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka. On winning the prize, she said: “No one writes books to win prizes, but holy flip... ... >>MORE
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TWR wine event
TWR wine event
Champagne lovers and social butterflies alike gathered at South Melbourne’s Bellota Wine Bar on Thursday for The Weekly Review’s first wine event. Four years and 200 editions...