Celebrity chef Simon Bryant.
The life of Bryant
Andrew McUtchen
“The bi-catch of trawler fishing is just horrendous. It’s like using a bulldozer to harvest a cow,” Simon Bryant says. “In the process you chew up sheep, houses, backyards, the pet dog, whatever’s in its path.” Andrew McUtchen meets a celebrity chef with a conscience. ... >>MORE
Barista Jess Chan of Arkwright & Co in Nth Carlton.
Arkwright & Co...
Leanne Tolra
Take a step back in time and head to Carlton North to experience one of the sharpest blast-from-the-past fit-outs in town. Arkwright & Co, the 1940s and ’50s tea-room-inspired café and front to an interior design and building workshop, offers a soothing alternative to the New York-style diners and delis that are now so last year. ... >>MORE
Jessi and Jennifer Singh, of Babu Ji.
Babu Ji
Leanne Tolra
It’s difficult not to be gullibly grateful when a restaurant that’s fared well on the culture-inducing, sensibly priced side of the Yarra heads south. So I was likely to favour Babu Ji on the strength of its reputation. That it is lodged in the flanks of the elegant George Hotel, for me, added allure. I love a heritage-listed façade. ... >>MORE
Myke Bartlett reviews the latest in TV, film and the arts.
... >>MORE
Going nuts over markets
Sharon Brooks
The food choices we make are a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Seeking wholesome fresh produce is the first step of self-love and respect. It is a necessity in order to function optimally. For me, this begins at weekend markets. One of my favourite weekend activities is visiting local markets and farmers’ markets. I find the presence of fresh fruit and vegetables very calming,... ... >>MORE
Getting tested
Katrina Hall
Today, because it’s raining and I’m coming down with something, I’m watching an episode of Dr Phil in the middle of the day. The subject is unusual phobias. One woman can’t stand any kind of human sounds – like breathing, sniffing and swallowing. She also struggles to touch people, including her husband and daughter.
... >>MORE
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Kin Collective launches 2014 season
Kin Collective launches 2014 season
The Kin Collective celebrated the launch of its 2014 Season on Monday night at The Toff in Town with performances by The Chantoozies, Alinta Chidzey and The Dan Hamill Band. St. Patrick's...