Each Spring Racing Carnival the temptation to go bigger and better is overwhelming.

This year take a step back, be the epitome of restrained style and stand out in the crowd. ... >>MORE
I love my hairdresser. I love her not just because my head is in her hands but because she’s a compassionate, funny lady who treats members of her staff as family – and that’s only partly because some of them are. She is also a loving wife and mum who cares deeply not only about her own kin, but her community.

Whenever there’s a cause to be supported she’s there: flyers... ... >>MORE
Getaway: Orpheus Island
Peter Wilmoth
Orpheus Island – even the name conjures the exotic and luxurious. And it is, but it’s much more. The product is just like it says on the box – white beaches (a dramatic tide reveals quite a bit of the seabed each day), clear blue water, palm trees and a very large dose of serenity.

Partly this is because the resort caps guest numbers at 28 at a time, which means you come to know... ... >>MORE
Matilda Brown photographed at QT Hotel Sydney.
Generation Next
Peter Wilmoth
At six, Matilda Brown found it hard to reconcile that the man sitting next to her on the couch – her father, the actor Bryan Brown – had just been shot on the TV screen. For a little girl, the drama and reality sometimes got a bit mixed up. “It’s the strangest thing when you’re a kid and you watch your dad get shot. I would find that really hard. And dad dies in a lot... ... >>MORE
Burnham Beeches
Leanne Tolra
Before the world stops and we all get off, I recommend a leisurely drive to the Dandenongs and a rendezvous with a few cherished chums at Burnham Beeches.

Sorry if I sound a little doomsday; it could be the result of having just dined in the former piggery that is part of the latest project by Vue de Monde’s Shannon Bennett. As though it’s not enough that world-conquering chefs pen cookbooks,... ... >>MORE
Leanne Tolra
The name of Hannah Collinson’s café was inspired by a True Blood character, the werewolf Alcide Herveaux, and by the mediaeval Spanish warrior El Cid. He “was courageous and cheeky, which is sort of how I roll”, the owner says.
... >>MORE
For designer Sam Firestone, the move from the hustle of Melbourne to the family holiday home was a short-term plan. ... >>MORE
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MAArvelous Millinery
MAArvelous Millinery
The Millinery Association of Australia brought together Australia’s finest milliners in a showcase cocktail party on October 2.  MAArvelous Millinery was held at the Arts...