The need for speed
Sarah Marinos

Wherever Daniel Ricciardo is in the world, Australia is never far from his thoughts. Earlier this month in the US to compete at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, Ricciardo posted an image of a long sandy beach with rolling waves and surf breaking on the shore and captioned the photo, “Reminds me of home”.

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We're going the wrong...
Virginia Trioli

Like most roads, the east-west link seems to be taking up a lot of room. Not in a geographic sense (given most of it will be underground) but in a political sense.

Just weeks away from the Victorian state poll, you could be forgiven for thinking there was little else to discuss during this election except whether you are for or against this new road. But having just attended some of the 2014 Australasian...

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CAPTION: Peter Lindbergh \'Jean Paul Gaultier 2005\'

When we meet, Jean Paul Gaultier – one-time enfant terrible of French fashion – has been in town for fewer than 24 hours yet he seems chirpy, jet lag free and thrilled to be at the National Gallery of Victoria, surrounded by his collection.

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Fair cop
Peter Wilmoth

When Ron Iddles needed a break from his often gruelling work as a senior sergeant in the homicide squad, he knew exactly what to do: he would jump on a bus and go to Sydney or Adelaide. Except it wasn’t a bus, it was a coach, and Iddles was the driver. “If I had three days off, I’d ring my mate who owned the company and say, ‘I think I need a trip, need to get out, switch off’.

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18.08.14 CENTRALTWR Moonee Valley October 15thSRFeatureFatherJamesGrantMoonee ValleyPhoto shows Father James Grant who councils gamblers as a chaplain based at Crown Casino. Farther James is pictured in the betting ring at Moonee Valley Racecourse.Photo:
Odds on for Jesus
Sarah Harris

Father James Grant is Australia's only - and the world's first - casino-based priest.

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They wear it well
Jane Rocca

Footballer Paul Salmon helps those searching for work to look the part.

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03.11.14 CENTRAL TWR Bayside November 19th TWRBARISTALTLightsInTheAttic Camberwell Photo shows Lynus who is a barista at \\\'Lights in the Attic\\\' cafe on Camberwell road in Camberwell. Photo: Scott McNaughton / MMP
Lights in the Attic
Leanne Tolra

Despite his café's location beneath a new apartment building, its low, exposed ceilings reminded Kevin Lee of an attic. Lee’s experience is obvious in the café’s smooth operation and its well-trained staff. He’s owned cafes in the CBD and sold his popular 3Lives in Cremorne last year, opening Green Eggs and Ham in St Kilda in November and Lights in the Attic in April.

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